About Omega Investments

Omega Investments was established in 1976 by Michael and Bernadette Kallas.

Their goal was to provide clean, quality apartment rentals at a fair price to the people of Danbury. In the beginning, Mike and Berni operated this business by themselves starting with a single multi-family house and progressively working very hard to achieve their goals. From the time he could push a lawnmower and lift a hammer, their son Greg has been an active participant as well in the development of the company.

Now, 40 years later, Omega Investments has a multitude of apartments, condos, and office spaces in their list of holdings. Always a family run organization, Greg has now taken over where his father left off, always keeping true to the original values set in 1976.

Moving forward, many things change in apartment living, neighborhoods and environments. We do our best to keep up with these changes to offer the best that the city of Danbury has to offer. We strive to achieve a pro-active approach by constantly inspecting our properties to handle any potential issues before they become problems. Through all these efforts, we intend to improve and hold faithfully our mission statement.

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