What does Omega Investments offer?

Danbury’s exciting and all-encompassing city center is walking distance to many of Omega Investment’s prime apartments. Close to the activities, restaurants, shopping and college campus, these apartments are sought after for the convenience to these hot spots, but also because they are a comfortable distance to allow for relaxation.


Commuter locations are available on both Danbury sides of the newly- widened I-84 exit 5 area. These apartments offer easy highway commuting and are also far enough away for a quiet evening. Both of these locations also have commercial and office buildings for those who desire to work in these areas.


Omega Investments has property in more secluded, country type settings for those interested in an apartment away for city life. Property in Danbury as well as lakeside in Bethel, these apartments are nestled in the more urban areas but are still but a short drive from the city amenities and highway convenience.


One of Danbury’s greatest strengths is in it’s well established neighborhoods. Omega Investments has great apartments in and around all of these locations that are so typical of Danbury- places with character that define a city moving forward yet with undeniable roots to a beautiful New England past.


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